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9/99...Kirstynn Alana arrived at 3pm on Friday, September 3rd, 1999.  She weighed 7lbs. 3 oz. and was 20 inches long.  So far she is a very quiet and content baby who sleeps a lot and only cries when she is hungry.   Her big sister Katelynn thinks the baby is cool and likes to help change her and rock her to sleep.  Click on her picture to the right to see the full photo.

9/00... She is now 1 year old and doing lots of things now.  She is walking and trying to talk.  She is a good eater and likes all kinds of foods.  She doesn't really have a favorite, but so far she has eaten all the veggies and fruits we've offered her without a fuss, except for broccoli.  She still sleeps all night, but doesn't like to take very long naps.  Kirstynn is also a pacifier addict.  We don't go anywhere without it.

4/01... Kirstie is now 18 months old and very active.  She talks a lot and learns new words all the time.  Her favorite phrase is 'all done now' and she likes to say it after she eats and after she takes her nap.  Now that we started potty training, we are hearing her say it in the bathroom a lot, too.

12/01...Kirstie is a talker.  She uses complete sentences and is very clear in her expressions.  She has just given up her pacifier and bottle and graduated to a 'big girl' bed.  Her favorite activities are swinging and playing with the dollhouse.  She also like s to carry baby dolls around and hug them and put them to bed.  Then she tells us " quiet!  The baby is sleeping!"


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