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All About Me.......
OK...not all, but how much do you really want to know?


Introduction:     Hi! My name is Gretchen and I was born and raised in a small town in Illinois.  My hobbies include music, bike riding, and playing with Katie, Kirstie,  and Quest.  I collect Coca-Cola memorabilia and Legos.  My favorite color is green and my favorite food is anything mexican.

bulletEducation:  I graduated from Sullivan High School in 1991.  I then attended Millikin University where I received my B.S. in music business in 1995. I studied both piano and percussion, but spent most of my time studying digital recording techniques and MIDI instrumentation.
bulletFamily:  I married Doug in 1993 and we have two daughters, Katelynn and Kirstynn.  We also have a very cool pug named Quest who is 7 years old.  We like to take bike rides and long walks. 


bulletWork:  When I first graduated from college, I worked as a producer at three radio stations, WDZQ, WZNX, and Y103.  I did a lot of on-air work at all three stations including a popular morning show, but I spent the majority of my time in the studio digitally producing commercials on the computer. 
     After Katie was born, I got out of the radio business to work with computers.  I worked as an independent contractor for ValCom Learning Center where I traveled to various locations and taught many different computer applications.  I left there after 18 months to stay home with Katie.  I still do some freelance work from time to time.  Currently, I am teaching band and substitute teaching at Maranatha Christian Academy.


bulletOther:  In my spare time I can be found playing drums for the Powerhouse Youth Group at Maranatha Assembly of God, or relaxing at home playing on my computer, of course.  Sometimes I work as a stand-in drummer for local bands but I am not tied down to any groups at the present time.  However, should Amy Grant's manager call, I am packed and ready to tour!! 
     When I am really bored, you can find me hanging out on AIM (DrumGirl313) sending messages to people I have never even met.  My husband says someday he will find me chopped into little pieces next to my laptop as a result of some psycho I chatted with on the internet.  Any volunteers?

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