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     Katelynn Reneé was born March 8th, 1997.  Currently at the age of 4, she talks non-stop and loves to sing and play dress-up.  She is an avid learner and is practicing writing lots of words.  She is also learning to read some beginner books.

     Her favorite toys are still Play-Doh, Barbies, and her doctor's kit.  Her baby dolls are giving birth on a daily basis and several rooms in the house have been renamed "the hospital" to accommodate her patients.  She also loves to draw and paint and we have already accumulated a couple of volumes worth of art.
     Katie started the Missionette program at our church this fall and has already earned 2 badges.  To get the badges she had to wear her uniform, bring her Bible, bring her offering, and say the memory verse.  She also participated in classroom activities related to the badges.   She also earned an award for "Faithful Attendance" to the program.


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