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Introduction:  This is my husband Doug.  He's not into web design just yet, so I have to create his page for him.  This could be fun!

bulletEducation:  Doug graduated as Valedictorian in 1989 from Mattoon High School, where he had been a top cross country runner.  He attended college at Eastern Illinois University and earned his degree in Accounting in 1993.
bulletFamily:  Doug and I were married in 1993, and have two daughters, Katelynn and Kirstynn.  We also have the best dog in the world, a pug named Quest.  In his spare time, Doug can be found asleep on the couch with the remote control in his hand.  He also continues his long distance running and likes to take bike rides with his family.

Work:  Since graduating from college, Doug has worked as an accountant for Archer Daniels Midland in Decatur and a software support representative for Software Solutions Integrated, LLC in Shelbyville, Illinois.  He has currently returned to ADM.

Doug's Favorite Link...The Dilbert Zone

bulletOther:  We attend Maranatha Assembly of God every Sunday where Doug is the Senior Commander for the Royal Rangers.  Doug's other hobbies include sports cars.  Between us we have had 2 Camaros ('86 &'90), a Firebird ('89), and 2 Corvettes ('79 & '91).  Now, thanks to the kids, we drive 2 family cars, an Eagle Vision and a Pontiac Sunfire......sorry, honey, but there just wasn't room for the baby seats in the 'Vette

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