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     JukeboxThis my complete CD collection.  I have a broad taste in music, but my favorites are Amy Grant, The Carpenters, Madonna, Gloria Estefan, Margaret Becker, and The Judds.  I have only completed the collections of two artists, the Carpenters, and Amy Grant.  I am working on completing some of my other favorites.  Below you will find the CD's listed in alphabetical order by the artist or group name.  I will list the CD's I own and any web links I may have run across.  Click the radio image to listen to my personal CD player, courtesy of RealPlayer.  You can find more information on many of these artists and more about my music background on my drumming page.  Enjoy!







Abdul,  Paula

Forever You Girl

Akins,  Rhett

A Thousand Memories  


Long Way From Paradise  

Arrested Development

3 Years, 5 Months,& 2 Days in the Life Of  


Along The Road  

Atkins,  Chet

Read My Licks  

Audio Adrenaline

Don't Censor Me
Extended Play Remixes

Audio Adrenaline's Official Web Site


Greatest Hits  

Beavis & Butthead

The Beavis & Butthead Experience  

Becker, Margaret

Simple House
Steps Of Faith 1987-1991
The Early Years

Margaret Becker's Official Web Site
Margaret Becker's Unofficial Home Page

Bevill, Lisa

My Freedom  

Black, Clint

Greatest Hits  



Bliss Bliss

Bliss Bliss  

Bon Jovi


Boy Howdy

She'd Give Anything  

Boyce, Kim

Facts Of Love  


Peace Of Mind  

Brooks, Garth

In Pieces
No Fences
Ropin' The Wind
The Chase
The Hits

Buffet Jimmy

Banana Wind  

Byrd, Tracy

No Ordinary Man  

Carey, Mariah

Merry Christmas
Music Box


Live/Radically Saved  

Carpenter, Mary-Chapin

Stones In The Road  


The Carpenters

A Song For You
Christmas Portrait
Close To You
From The Top: 1965-1970
From The Top: 1971-1973
From The Top: 1974-1978
From The Top: 1978-1982
Live At The Palladium
Now & Then
Voice Of The Heart

Newville Avenue

Carpenters 30th Anniversary Convention

Carpenter's FAQ

A&M Records

The Carpenters Lounge

Karen Carpenter Home Page

Misheard Lyrics From Carpenters Songs

A Place To Hideaway


Carpenters Photo Page

Karen Carpenter's AutographSince I was too young to have ever had a chance at getting Karen's autograph, I have settled for this virtual one -------------------------------->

Chapman, Gary

Everyday Man
The Light Inside

Chapman, Steven Curtis

Heaven In The Real World  


Chicago's Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits 1982-1989
Night & Day

Child, Jane

Jane Child  

Code Of Ethics

Arms Around The World  

Connick, Harry Jr.

When My Heart Finds Christmas
Star Turtle
We Are In Love


Time After Time
Take It In
Although the band 'disbanded' years ago, these two discs spend a LOT of time in my car CD player.

Cua Rick

Midnight Sun  

Dakota Motor Company

Welcome Race Fans

Dakota Motor Company's Home Page

DC Talk

Free At Last
Jesus Freak
Jesus Freak - Remixes
Nu Thang

DC Talk's Official Web Site


Age Of Loneliness - Remixes  

Estefan, Gloria

Christmas Through Your Eyes
Greatest Hits
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
Mi Tierra
Turn The Beat Around - Remixes

Gill, Vince

When Love Finds You I'll be honest with you - the only reason I have this is because it was a promo and it has Amy Grant on it.

Gin Blossoms

Follow You Down - CD Single  

Grant, Amy

Amy Grant

More Amy info on
my drumming page.

A Christmas Album
Age To Age
Amy Grant
Baby Baby - Remixes
Big Yellow Taxi - Remixes
Heart In Motion
Home For Christmas
House Of Love
In Concert
In Concert - Volume Two
Lead Me On
Lucky One -- Remixes
My Father's Eyes
Never Alone
Straight Ahead
The Collection
House Of Love - Remixes
Behind The Eyes
Behind The Eyes - Bonus CD
Takes A Little Time Single
     To thank Amy for 20 years of music, her fans are building a Habitat for Humanity house in her name.  If you have been touched by Amy's music, come be a part of Amy's House!

Amy Grant.Com
Friends of Amy
"Behind The Eyes" Album Reviews/Info

Herndon, Ty

What Mattered Most  

Hill, Faith

It Matters To Me  

Jackson, Janet

Design Of A Decade  

Jars Of Clay

Drummer Boy
Jars Of Clay
Fade To Gray

Jars of Clay Official Web Site



Judd, Wynonna

Tell Me Why

The Judds

Why Not Me
Wynonna & Naomi

Kadison, Joshua

Painted Desert Serenade I love this CD and wish there was more of it.   It's just good, relaxing music.

Kenny G

Breathless I don't know why I have this...I used to practice my saxophone to it, but that was a billion years ago.

King, Carole

Tapestry Revisited, A Tribute To Carole King

Little Texas

Big Time
Kick A Little

Loggins, Kenny

Return To Pooh Corner Another album with Amy Grant on it, but I really love it.  I played it for Katie a lot when she was a baby.


Something To Remember
Madonna Take A Bow - Remixes
Madonna The Immaculate Collection
Ok - I will admit that I LOVE Madonna's music.   Most people find that hard to believe, but I think her music is fantastic and her voice reminds me of Karen Carpenter.

Marsalis, Wynton & Ellis

Joe Cool's Blues This was a promo I picked up while working in a music store.  It is fun music to play when you want to relax and read or surf the net.

McBride, Martina

The Way That I Am  

McGraw, Tim

Not A Moment Too Soon This was a promo CD that I had autographed during a backstage session I attended while working at a radio station.  The CD is good, but Tim is a jerk.

Montgomery, John Michael

Life's A Dance  

Moore, Geoff & The Distance


Morisette, Alanis

Ironic - Single I like her music but refuse to buy the whole album because of the profanity it contains.


Share My World Another promo, makes nice background music.

New Edition

Greatest Hits I grew up listening to New Edition, so naturally I picked up this album.


Boys Will Be Boyz
Going Public
Take Me To Your Leader
If you have never heard their music, I suggest you check them out.  Their website is incredible as well!

The Newsboys' Official Home Page


Beyond Belief
No Doubt
Petra Wake-Up Call
If you were a teen in the 80's, you owned at least 3 Petra albums, mostly on cassette's tho!

Official Petra Web Site

PFR (Pray For Rain)

Great Lengths I bought this album after watching one of their videos.  It was really good, but unfortunately it is scratched now so only part of it plays.

PFR's Official Web Site

Rachel Rachel

Way To My Heart
You Oughta Know By Now
This all girl band caught my attention simply because it was an all-girl band and they ROCKED!  Unfortunately they disappeared and left us die-hard fans with only these two albums to wear out.  I play these albums at least once a month - they are awesome!

Rait, Bonnie

Luck Of The Draw  

Raye, Collin

All I Can Be
I Think About You
In This Life
I think Collin is a great singer and very nice in person as well.  I have an autographed CD and photo of him.  He is also a great stage performer.

Real McCoy

Another Night - Remixes  



Sandler, Adam

Bleeps Ok someone borrowed this from us and Doug wants it back...You know who you are...

Schlitt, John

Shake The solo album from Petra's lead singer.

Smart E

Smart E's Sesame Street - Remixes  

Smith, Michael W.

Change Your World
Go West Young Man
I'll Lead You Home

Michael W. Smith's Official Home Page


12 Inches Of Snow I promo I got for Doug for $.99 - he thinks it's great - I hate it!

Sound Effects

Digital Encyclopedia Of Sound Effects
Disc Jockey - Volume VII
Haunted House Party
Nightmarish Noises For Halloween
Scary Sounds Of Halloween
Sounds To Haunt Your House
What can I say - I love sound effects!


Dangerous Minds
Johnny Mnemonic
Little Mermaid
Mortal Kombat
Mr. Wrong
Robin Hood Prince Of Theives
Sound Of Music
I am not big on movie soundtracks, but here are a few of my favorites.

Stone, Doug

Greatest Hits Volume I  


Against The Law  

Sweet, Michael

Michael Sweet  


Kommand This is Doug's album.


Tha Life Of A Hoodlum Another Doug CD.

Taylor, James

Greatest Hits Doesn't everyone own this one?

Tucker, Tanya

Can't Run From Yourself
What Do I Do With Me

Twain, Shania

Come On Over  


Isn't Jesus Enough This was a local band who have long since broken up, but the album is still a keeper.


20 Top Hits Of The 50's & 60's
Best Of House Music
Billboard Top Rock'n'Roll Hits 1963
Blame It On Christmas
Camelot Alternative Music Sampler
Camelot Favorite Things Sampler
Camelot Pogo Boy Soundtrack
Camelot Urban Music Sampler
Contemporary Christian Hits
Everybody's Favorite Wedding Music
Extremely Loud Guitar Music
Home For The Holidays
Honeymoon In Vegas
Hooked On The 60's
Jazz For Romance
Light From The Underground
Mother & Child
Musical Calendar 1996
My Utmost For His Highest
My Utmost For His Highest II
One Voice
Our Christmas
Our Hymns
Party Mix
Play This And They Will Buy
Songs From The Loft
The Salvation Army Presents
Ultimate Metal
Ultimate Rap
Ultimate Rock
We The Purple - Volume I
Winter Resonance
Wow 1996 - 2 Disc Set

Veggie Tales

Very Silly Sing-A-Long We love the Veggies!

Maximum Veggie Tales
Veggie Tales Fans Club

Violet Burning, The



Make It Big
Music From The Edge Of Heaven
Hey!  I grew up in the 80's - give me a break!


The Christmas Moments Another promo - a REALLY GOOD promo!

White Heart

Tales Of Wonder

Yearwood, Trisha

The Sweetest Gift  

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Directory of Christian Music
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