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It is no secret that my one of my big goals in life is to play drums for Amy Grant!
(I'm really good Amy - maybe we could start an all-girl band, eh?)
Needless to say I got left out of this picture!  *sigh*

Amy Grant with Drummers
"Drummers I have known..."
Amy surrounded by some of percussion's finest
Paul Leim, John Hammond, Keith Edwards, and Chris McHugh
December 31, 1996
Photo by: Steve Lowery

The Stats

bulletMy Background
bulletDrumming since 1988
bulletB.S. in Music from Millikin's School of Music
bulletNumerous Bands/Church Groups
bulletTaught Lessons for 2 Yrs. at a Local Music Store
bulletLots of Practice & Bangin' on Everything
bulletMy Hardware
bulletMy favorite sticks:  ProMark 747 Rock
bulletMy favorite drums:  My own - TAMA
bulletMy favorite cymbals:  Zildjian (10" Splash)
bulletMy favorite skins:  Remo Ebony Series
bulletMy Favorite Styles
bulletAnything That Rocks
bulletAnything With A Good Solid Groove
bulletAnything That Makes Ya Get Up & Dance
bulletSlow Ballads With Rocking Tom-Tom Fills
bulletMy Favorite Drummers/Percussionists
bulletKaren Carpenter (Was that not obvious?)
bulletPeter Erskine (excellent workbooks)
bulletTerry McMillan and anyone else privileged enough to play for Amy (I met him once!)
bulletDave Weckl (wow)

Zildjian Logo

Karen with her Drums

     "Luckily, drumming came naturally,  I started right off playing, and time signatures came naturally... I don't know how, I mean, it felt so comfortable when I picked up a pair of sticks!" 
     ~~ Karen Carpenter (1981)


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