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Application and Utility Download Sites:

    Palmgear - Lots of software, utilities, etc. here.  Run a search for 'freeware'. - free software for your PALM™ organizer
    PalmCentral - type 'freeware' in the search box and click go!


This is a quick list of other apps I have found helpful. Some are free...Some are not.

Handyshopper2 - if you don't have it, get it.  I use it for packing lists, shopping lists, and recipe/meal planning management.  It's free!

Diddlebug - GET THIS IT'S FREE!  Use it to jot down quick notes in your own handwriting and add alrams for easy reminders.  Great app!  Keeps the kids busy drawing, too.

Avantgo - I don't use it much, but it is useful for retrieving info from the web.  If you sync every day then you'll love it.

Linkerhack - GREAT HACK!  Sometimes I need to use apps outside of db4 so I use linker to jump directly to them and then back to db4 where I left off.  I love jumping from my 'dinner' appointment in db4 to my meal planning list in handyshopper, or from my 'devotions' appointment to my reading plan outline in shadow.  This app is TOO cool!

Quickbudget - Well worth the $20.  We run a tight budget here and with this app we know exactly what we have to spend at any given time.  Exports to excel for printing and data manipulation.

Mapopolis - Free mapping software.  Excellent stuff.  Enhanced maps are only $2.95 each and VERY detailed!

CSpotRun - free doc reader.  Find free books at Memoware and enjoy!

Shadow - Best outliner i have ever seen.  Handy For Planning BIG projects.  $15 I think - I use it for my consulting business.

BibleReader - If you have room, get the whole bible on your palm (or parts of it if space is a problem).  Free.

MyRoots - Shareware - great for organizing family tree data.



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