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Transferring Data

    Transferring your info is easier than you think once you have hotsynced your pda...

MemoPad - Open up the palm desktop, select the text in the memo then right click and choose 'copy'

To-Do List - Display appropriate category and right click.  Choose 'select all' so that they are all highlighted.  Right click again and choose 'copy'.  You can also paste directly into Excel if you want to edit it before pasting it elsewhere.

Calendar - Highlight the entries you want to copy.  Hold down control key to select multiples. Right click and choose 'copy'.

Address Book - Same as To-Do list instructions.

Category Limit Workaround:

    The Palm operating system only allows for 15 categories, however I have developed a workaround.  I set up a keyword list in memopad with things like...babysitter, doctor, friends, holiday cards, musician, etc.  Then I set up a custom field (or use the note field) for keywords only.  I insert whatever keywords are appropriate.  Then all I have to do is go to my keyword list memo (which I keep in alphabetical order), highlight a keyword - say 'babysitter' - and then tap the find button.  The word pops up already in the search field so I tap 'ok' and instantly I have a list of babysitters to choose from.  Tapping on any one of them will bring up their contact info so I can give them a call.  It works great!  Here is my current list.  I am involved in the music industry as a drummer, so I have some sub-keywords for music contacts.

Keyword List

Cell Group
Couples (for people we like to go out with on nights without the kids)
Dentist (Most people would use this one, however, my Dad is a dentist so I
really don't need this one)
E-mail Account
Emergency  (Contacts for emergencies like Poison Control, Fire, Ambulance,
Police, etc.)
Holiday Card
Maranatha (People from my church.)
 Drum Gear
 Sound Tech
Music Supplies
Parent Connection
Party Invitation
Playmates  (Contacts for my 4 year old)
Pet Supplies
Software  (I keep the reg. codes with the author name and email)
Status: Incomplete  (I actually input this one in the note field for keeping track of outstanding online purchases.  When I receive an email confirmation, I copy the email into the note field as a reminder of what I bought.  When I receive the items I just delete the note.)

Finding What You Need:

    This is the most important tool for refunding on the palm.  It does you no good to input all of your data if you can't find it later.  I use to look up refunds, coupons, trades - just about everything.  the best part is this...if I am looking to se if I have a coupon for "Huggies", I write Huggies in the search field and tap ok.  Within a second or two, I see that I have several coupons (from the memo field), 36 POPs (from Handyshopper database 'Wishlist"), and a form expiring 12/31/00 (from to-do list).  I can also see that I have a fellow refunder who is collecting these points because I pasted her wishlist into the memo field by her name in the address book.  I am a subscriber of the KISS method (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and believe me this is as simple as it gets!

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please e-mail me.  I would love to hear them!


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