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      This is my Price Book/Shopping List.  I print this two-page list out and hang it on our refrigerator.  As we need various items, we circle them on the list.  Then when we are ready to go to the store, we just grab the list and our coupons and go.  We use the list to see what items we need and also have the unit price handy to see what the best deal is. 
     I have also thrown in some store codes for some items.  It has been my experience that some stores, like Aldi's, always have the best price on certain items all the time.  So next to those items I made a little note....AL=Aldi's, IGA=IGA, WM=Wal-Mart, WG=Walgreens, etc. 
     I continually update these unit prices and add/delete items after each shopping trip.  It takes about 5 minutes to make the changes, then I reprint and hang it back on the refrigerator.  It works great!

     The list printed here will not be updated, it is just here for others to see it and copy it if they wish.  Feel free to paste into a text editor and modify it for your own use.  If you have questions or comments about this list, please e-mail me.  Thanks!

Baby Products

bulletBaby Food, $.08/oz.
bulletBaby Lotion, $.16/oz.
bulletBaby Oil, $.13/oz.
bulletBaby Powder, $.13/oz.
bulletBaby Shampoo, $.13/oz.
bulletBaby Wipes, $.02 ea.
bulletDiapers-Sz. 3, $0.17 ea., IGA

Baking Supplies

bulletBaking Soda, $0.39/lb., AL
bulletBrown Sugar, $0.35/lb.
bulletButterscotch Chips, $.15/oz.
bulletCake Mix, $.03/oz.
bulletCocoa, $0.11/oz.
bulletCondensed Milk, $.07/oz.
bulletCooking Oil, $.04/oz., AL
bulletCooking Spray, $.22/oz., AL
bulletCorn Syrup, $.03/oz.
bulletEvaporated Milk, $.04/oz.
bulletFlour, $.12/lb.
bulletFrosting, $.06/oz.
bulletGelatin, $.06/oz.
bulletPancake Mix, $.03/oz.
bulletPowdered Sugar, $.35/lb.
bulletQuick Oats, $.03/oz.
bulletSalt, $.01/oz.
bulletSemi-Sweet Chips, $.07/oz.
bulletShortening. $.04/oz., AL
bulletSugar, $.35/lb.
bulletVinegar-White, $.02/oz., AL


bulletCocoa Mix, $.10/oz.
bulletJuicy Juice, $.04/oz.
bulletSoda-2 Liter, $0.49, KR
bulletSoda, $.09/can, AL
bulletTang, $.14/oz.
bulletTea Bags, $.01/bag, AL


bulletBagels, $.05/oz.
bulletBlueberry Muffin Mix, $.13/oz.
bulletBread, $.02/oz., AL
bulletButtermilk Biscuits, $.08 ea.
bulletCorn Muffin Mix, $.04/oz.
bulletCrescent Rolls, $.12/oz., AL
bulletGarlic Bread-Frozen, $1.29, AL
bulletHamburger Buns, $.04/oz., AL
bulletHot Dog Buns, $.04/oz., AL
bulletRolls, $.04 ea., AL
bulletTaco Shells, $.06 ea.


bulletCandy Bars, $.20 ea.
bulletKisses/Hugs, $.15/oz.
bulletM&M's, Plain, $.11/oz.
bulletPeanut Brittle, $.08/oz., AL

Canned Goods

bulletApple Sauce, $.04/oz., AL
bulletBaked Beans, $.03/oz.
bulletPineapple Chunks, $.04/oz., AL
bulletMixed Vegetables, $.02/oz., AL
bulletChili, $.03/oz.
bulletTomatoes-Diced, $.07/oz., KR
bulletFruit Cocktail, $.04/oz., AL
bulletKidney Beans
bulletPie Filling, $.04/oz., AL
bulletPork & Beans, $.02/oz.
bulletRavioli, $.04/oz., AL
bulletRefried Beans, $.02/oz., AL
bulletRelish, $.06/oz.
bulletSliced Mushrooms, $.06/oz., IGA
bulletSpaghetti Rings, $.04/oz., AL
bulletTomato Sauce, $.04/oz.
bulletTuna, $.08/oz.

Cereal/Breakfast Foods

bulletCereal Bars, $.33 ea., KR
bulletCereals, $.11/oz., AL
bulletFrozen Waffles, $.08/oz.
bulletPop-Tarts, $.08/oz., WM

Cleaning Supplies

bulletAir Fresh.-Spray
bulletBleach, $.72/gal.
bulletCarpet Deodorizer
bulletClean Shower, $.08/oz., KM
bulletDish Soap, $.04/oz.
bulletDishwasher Soap, $.04/oz.
bulletDisinfectant Spray, $.29/oz.
bulletFabric Softener, $.03/ea.
bulletFloor Cleaner
bulletFurniture Polish, $.16/oz.
bulletGlass Cleaner, $.08/oz.
bulletIvory Soap Flakes
bulletLaundry Detergent, $.04/oz.
bulletMildew Cleaner, $.11/oz.
bulletSoap Scum Remover, $.11/oz.
bulletSoft Scrub, $.10/oz., KM


bulletBacon Bits, $.39/oz.
bulletBBQ Sauce, $.03/oz.
bulletCaramel Topping
bulletCherry Peppers, $.08/oz., KR
bulletChocolate Syrup, $.03/oz.
bulletCocktail Sauce
bulletDills-Sliced, $.03/oz.
bulletJelly, $.03/oz.
bulletKetchup, $.02/oz.
bulletOlives-Black, $.22/oz., KR
bulletOlives-Green, $.14/oz.
bulletPancake Syrup, $.03/oz.
bulletPeanut Butter, $.07/oz.
bulletSalad Dressing, $.06/oz., AL
bulletSalsa, 16 Oz., $1.65
bulletSpaghetti Sauce, $.04/oz.
bulletSteak Sauce, $.10/oz.
bulletDills-Whole, $.06/oz.
bulletWorcestershire Sc., $.10/oz.

Cookies & Crackers

bulletAnimal Crackers-Iced
bulletCheez-It, $.19/oz.
bulletChips Ahoy, $.12/oz.
bulletFig Newtons
bulletGraham Crackers, $.09/oz.
bulletOreos, $.10/oz., IGA
bulletOyster Crackers, $.04/oz.
bulletSaltines, $.02/oz., AL
bulletSnack Crackers, $.12/ea.
bulletTown Crackers, $.06/oz.
bulletVanilla Wafers, $1.99/box
bulletWheatables, $2.09/box


bulletCheese Slices, $.10/oz.
bulletCheese, Colby Chunk, $.19/oz.
bulletCottage Cheese, $.06/oz., AL
bulletCream Cheese, $.11/oz., AL
bulletEggs, $.69/doz., AL
bulletMargarine, $.04/oz.
bulletMargarine Sticks, $.03/oz.
bulletMilk, $1.99/Gal., AL
bulletMonterey Jack Cheese
bulletParmesan Cheese, $.25/oz.
bulletProcessed Cheese, $1.65/oz.
bulletShredded Cheese, $.16/oz., AL
bulletSour Cream


bulletBrownie Mix, $.07/oz.
bulletDessert Mixes, $.19/oz.
bulletInstant Pudding, $.17/oz.
bulletPie Crust, $0.50/ea.

Entrée Mixes

bulletCreate-A-Meal, $.12/oz.
bulletHamburger Helper, $.99/box
bulletTuna Helper, $.99/box

Frozen Foods

bulletChicken Breast, $.10/oz.
bulletChicken Cordon Bleu, $.99/ea.
bulletChimichanga, $.83/ea.
bulletFrench Bread Pizza
bulletFrozen Cake, $.11/oz.
bulletFrozen Entrée, $.80/ea.
bulletFrozen Potatoes, .04/oz.
bulletFrozen Vegetables, $.05/oz., AL
bulletHamburger Patties, $.08/oz., AL
bulletHarvest Burgers, $.67/oz.
bulletHot Pockets, $.90/ea., IGA
bulletIce Cream, $1.98/gal.
bulletMott Sticks, $.21/oz.
bulletPizza-Generic, $.05/oz.
bulletPizza-Jack’s, $.12/oz.
bulletPopcicles, $.04/ea.
bulletPot Pies, $.06/oz., AL
bulletSherbet, $1.98/gal.
bulletTater Tots
bulletWhip Topping, $.07/oz.
bulletWhitecastles, $.45/oz., AL


bulletApple Juice
bulletApple Juice-Fzn., $.06/oz., AL
bulletGrape Juice-Fzn., $.05/oz., AL
bulletMixed Juices-Fzn., $.07/oz.
bulletOrange Juice-Fzn., $.07/oz., AL
bulletOrange Juice, $1.09/gal.
bulletSparkling Grape Juice, $.10/oz.
bulletTomato Juice, $.02/oz.


bullet8mm Tape, $3.00/ea.
bulletAluminum Foil, $.02/ft., AL
bulletAntifreeze, $2.49/gal.
bulletBatteries-9 Volt, $1.25/ea.
bulletBatteries-AAA, $.25/ea.
bulletBatteries-C or D, $.63/ea.
bulletComputer Disks, $.49/ea.
bulletFilm 200spd., $.08/exp.
bulletFilm, Polaroid 600
bulletVHS Tape, $1.22/ea.


bulletBacon, $1.39/lb.
bulletBeef Chuck-Boneless, $1.49/lb.
bulletBeef Round, $1.48/lb.
bulletBologna, $.12/oz.
bulletChicken Breast, $1.29/lb.
bulletCube/Choice-Boneless, $1.99/lb.
bulletGround Beef-100% Lean, $.89/lb.
bulletGround Beef-75% Lean, $.79/lb.
bulletGround Beef-80% Lean, $.89/lb.
bulletGround Beef-85% Lean, $1.19/lb.
bulletGround Beef-93% Ln, 1 Lb., $1.49
bulletHam-Whole Boneless, $.99/lb.
bulletHot Dogs, $.49/lb.
bulletHot Dogs-Jumbo, $.59/lb.
bulletLunch Meat, $.15/oz., AL
bulletLunchables, $1.50/ea.
bulletNew York Strip, $3.99/lb.
bulletPepperoni Slices, $.28/oz., AL
bulletPork Chops, $.99/lb.
bulletRib Eye-Boneless, $5.49/lb.
bulletRibs, $1.29/lb.
bulletRoast Beef, $1.69/lb.
bulletRound Steak-Boneless, $1.39/lb.
bulletSalami, $.99/lb.
bulletShrimp-Cocktail, 12 Oz., $7.99
bulletShrimp-Popcorn, 6 Oz., $0.99
bulletSirloin Tip, $2.99/lb.
bulletT-Bone Select, $.65/lb.
bulletTop Sirloin-Boneless, $1.80/lb.


bulletAspirin, $.01/ea.
bulletIbuprofen, $.04/ea.


bulletAluminum Foil, $.02/ft., AL
bulletFacial Tissue, $.004/ea.
bulletFreezer Bags, $.07/ea.
bulletNapkins, $.01/ea.
bulletPaper Towels
bulletPlastic Wrap, $.01/ft.
bulletSandwich Bags, $.02/ea.
bulletStorage Bags, $.05/ea.
bulletToilet Paper
bulletWax Paper, $.01/ft.

Pasta/Rice/Side Dishes

bulletEgg Noodles, $.07/oz.
bulletFlavored Rice, $.08/oz.
bulletInstant Rice, $.04/oz.
bulletMac & Cheese, $.03/oz.
bulletNoodles, $.25/oz.
bulletPasta Mix, 4 Oz., $0.69
bulletPotato Mixes, $.17/oz.
bulletRamen Noodles
bulletRice-A-Roni, $.17/oz.
bulletSpaghetti, $.03/oz.
bulletSpiral Pasta
bulletStuffing Mix, $.10/oz.

Personal Products

bulletAquanet Hairspray, $.13/oz.
bulletContact Solution, $.25/oz.
bulletCovergirl Mascara, $2.50
bulletDegree Deodorant, $.90/oz.
bulletFoundation, $3.49
bulletLoose Powder, $4.99
bulletFrizz-EZ, $4.99
bulletKnee Highs, $.19/ea., WG
bulletMouthwash, $.04/oz.
bulletNoxema, $.26/oz.
bulletPantyhose, $.29/ea., WG
bulletRazor Refills, $1/ea.
bulletRevlon Foundation, $7.99/oz.
bulletRevlon Colorstay Lipstick, $4.99
bulletRight Guard, $.50/oz., KM
bulletShampoo/Cond., $.05/oz.
bulletSoap, $.16/ea.
bulletTampons, $.11/ea.
bulletWhite Rain H-spray, $.14/oz., WM


bulletApples, $.33/lb.
bulletBananas, $.23/lb.
bulletBlueberries, $1.49/pt.
bulletBroccoli-Bunch, $.99
bulletCabbage-Green, $.25/lb.
bulletCarrots, $.29/lb.
bulletCauliflower-Bunch, $.99/ea.
bulletCelery-Bunch, $.59/ea.
bulletCorn-Sweet, $0.12/ear
bulletGrapes-Seedless, $.89/lb.
bulletKiwi, $.20/ea.
bulletLemons, $.30/ea.
bulletLettuce, $.49/head
bulletNavels, $.13/ea.
bulletNectarines, $.99/lb.
bulletOranges, $.39/ea.
bulletPeaches, $1.49/lb.
bulletPears, $.79/lb.
bulletPeppers-Green Lg., $.79/ea.
bulletPeppers-Red, $.99/ea.
bulletPineapples, $1.99/ea.
bulletPlums, $1.49/lb.
bulletPotatoes-Idaho, $.20/lb.
bulletPotatoes-Red, $.13/lb.
bulletPotatoes-Russet, $.07/lb.
bulletSalad Mix, $.79/lb.
bulletStrawberries, $.99/pt.
bulletTangerines, $.83/lb.
bulletTomatoes, $1.99/lb.
bulletWatermelon, $.15/lb.


bulletBean Dip, $1.50
bulletChex Party Mix, $.11/oz.
bulletChips, $.07/oz.
bulletDoritos, $.09/oz.
bulletInd. Pies, $.23/ea.
bulletLittle Debbie Snacks, $.88/box
bulletPopcorn-Microwave, $.20/bag
bulletPretzels, $.05/oz.
bulletPringles, $.99/can
bulletPudding Snack Pack, $.25/ea.
bulletRaisins, $.07/oz.
bulletRuffles, $.06/oz.
bulletBugles, $.13/oz.
bulletTortilla Chips, $.06/oz.


bulletBeef Stew, $.08/oz.
bulletBroth, $.03/oz.
bulletChicken Noodle, $.04/oz.
bulletChunky Soup, $.08/oz.
bulletClam Chowder, $.05/oz., AL
bulletCondensed Soup, $.11/oz.
bulletCream of Chicken, $.04/oz., AL
bulletCream of Mushroom, $.04/oz., AL
bulletCup-A-Soup, $.20/ea.
bulletPotato Soup, $.08/oz.
bulletRecipe Secrets, $.38/ea.
bulletTomato Soup, $.05/oz.

Spices & Flavorings

bulletBasil Leaves
bulletBay Leaves
bulletBouillon Cubes
bulletGarlic Cloves
bulletGravy Mix, $.33/ea.
bulletOnion Salt
bulletParsley Flakes
bulletTaco Seasoning, $.33/ea.


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