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    I have compiled this list of my 'virtual friends'.  I haven't ever met most of these people but I have fun chatting with them.  So far no one has turned out to be some crazy psycho - don't get any ideas, though - Quest is an excellent watch dog!  If you would like to link up with me or find long lost friends or former classmates - click here to join PlanetAll.


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I met Biedle at Powerhouse, the youth group at Maranatha Assembly of God where I play drums and am also a Youth Leader.


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Big Red is a chat buddy I met in a Christian chat room.  We chat about all kinds of stuff and like to tell lame jokes.


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Muttly & I used to chat in Freaksta's chat room a lot and he would pop in to say hi and make sure we were not causing any trouble!  Who us?   8•


  OK - so he was graceman's friend first and we stole him.  G-man is quick to put on his "bashing suit" when Muttly and I are on a rampage.


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George searched me out on ICQ one night while looking for someone to chat with about music.  He is from Egypt.  We had fun and chatted for quite a while about music & religion.

Graceman I have to be nice here?  What can I say here?  Not much other than he is a good sport who knows he'd better not dish out the insults unless he can take the return fire.

Judas Yeast

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Judas is my virtual stalker.  He is totally in love with me but can't accept the fact that I am already taken!

Living Sacrifice (aka Priest)

The Priest's Place

LS is a cool guy I met in a Christian chat room.  We chat often on ICQ about pretty much everything.


Nancy's Nook

Muttly is my soul mate.  I met her in a Christian chat room and we soon found out we have the same interests and think way  too much alike.


  Is it not obvious what we chat about?  What can we say - we love our dogs!


  I think ScRiBe's favorite line is 'LOL LOL' because she never stops laughing!  Skate a lap for me!


Stryker Base

StrykerX is one of my chat buddies.  He is also a good sport in testing out my web pages as I design them.  Thanks!


Governor Marley's Boars Nest

Twin is a good college buddy of mine.  We have the same birthday so we call each other 'twin'.  We lost touch for a couple of years, but found each other through PlanetAll.


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OK OK - so Zelda is my sister, but hey, we are saving a fortune on our long-distance phone bill!


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