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I handle all my todos through datebk4 and shadow. Here's how I decide...if it's a daily thing like 'computer time' or 'bedtime routine' then I put it on the calendar as a floating event in datebk4 (I only have about 5 of these that show up daily). I don't list everything that I do during the 'bedtime routine' because if I forget anything my kids will remind me ;-) I just put it on my calendar to block out the hour it will take me and dh to get the kids to bed. For things like the 'computer time' floating event, I switch to an icon filter in datebk4. As I jot down tasks, I put an icon on them like 'phone' for a phone call, and a computer for email reminders and other computer tasks. So when I am on the computer during 'computer time', I go to list view in datebk4 and filter on the computer icon (actually I have it as a saved view for convenience). I get a quick prioritized list of computer tasks I want/need to complete. For household chores, I set them up as tasks that repeat as needed. For example, 'Mop Kitchen Floor' is task that repeats every 2 weeks. So I set it up to regenerate every 14 days. I also prioritize tasks this way...

1 - Must be Done Today (or Daily Household chores of which I currently have 0 that I feel the need to write down - most fit into my floating events as described above) 2 - Should Be Done Today (or Weekly Household chores) 3 - Could Be Done Today if time permits (Monthly Household Chores) 4 - Maybe (Seasonal Tasks, Yearly Chores, etc.) 5 - Ideas/Projects (major household Projects like painting, etc. that need prep work before starting)

If it's a big project like planning a trip, or something that involves multiple steps in planning, I use shadow plan (an outliner) from there I can set up a hierarchial list of steps needed to take care of the project. I can set up a list of todos in shadow and then link them directly to datebk4 so that when I complete them they show up as completed in both apps. I also link (using linkerhack) tasks from my todo list to shadow. An example is a repeat task I have called 'backup computer data' that repeats every 2 weeks. Tapping the link I created in the todo list takes me to a list I created in shadow that lists each folder I need to backup. Also, I link major projects for my business from my scheduled appointments. I think I already covered that topic here. Anyway, I try to not put too many dated tasks on one day - usually just 5-7 total (priorities 1 & 2) that NEED to get done. The rest float from day to day and I get to them when I can. To keep on track, I have a saved view that only shows dated priority tasks 1&2 in the splitscreen. I have another saved view which shows all dated tasks 1-5 for an overview. A third saved view shows all tasks both dated and undated (I use this one as my planning view - where I schedule days to complete some of the undated ones). Hope this makes some sense. It's late and we just finished our first major bike ride this summer (8 miles - up hill both ways!) so I'm not sure If I'm making sense or covering all the bases here. If you have any questions - bring 'em on! Later...

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